5 Tips for the Best Backyard Camping

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Backyard Camping with the Family

5 Tips for the Best Backyard Camping

Camping is one of the best summertime adventures that Wisconsin has to offer. While schedules may book up quickly in the summer, you and your family can still enjoy the novelty of sleeping in a tent under the stars and enjoying sticky s’mores in the comfort of your own backyard! Here are 5 tips on how to take your backyard camping adventure to the next level!

Grab the Essentials

Even though you’re steps away from your home, you want to make this feel as authentic as possible! Set up your tent, pack the bug spray,  flashlights, sleeping bags, blankets and pillows and your kids’ comfort items. Don’t forget the snacks!

Set Up Together

Get the kids involved by letting them pick out the spot for every station – tents, fire, eating and activities! Letting them help with the tent and laying out their sleeping bags can keep everyone engaged and excited.

Get the Fire Started

Every campsite needs a fire – it’s one of the best parts of camping! This can be an exciting way to cook your meals, whether it’s hot dogs, pudgy pies or fire pit pizzas. If you don’t have access to a fire pit, you can DIY a fire out of felt or paper. Not sure what to make? Check out this blog for 30+ Easy Camping Meals!

Plan Plenty of Fun Activities

There are so many fun outdoor activities you can do when you are backyard camping. You can plan a nature hike around the neighborhood, a nature-themed scavenger hunt, play outdoor games like tag or ‘ghost in the graveyard’, go stargazing and more! You’ll keep the kids entertained, make great memories and encourage them to want to try camping again.

Join the Great American Campout by the National Wildlife Federation.

The Great American Campout™ is part of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable’s Great Outdoors Month each June, a month designated to highlighting the many kinds of outdoor activities that strengthen our bonds with nature. Once a summer, the National Wildlife Federation hosts a national campout that you can pledge to join.  For everyone who participates, supporters will donate $1 to the NWF charity which raises money to protect American wildlife.  Go to the site to read more, and you can sign up for group camps in your local area or pledge to camp by yourself!

For a list of other fun, summer activities to do, check out this blog!



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