Five Interior Design Trends That Turn Off Home Buyers

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One of the best parts about owning a house is decorating it to become your home! However sometimes making our home more comfortable for ourselves, we forget that we may sell it, and our style may clash with someone else’s.

When selling your home, you want to make it possible for buyers to see it as their home. If the impression they get is that it will be too hard to make it their own, you have turned off a large group of buyers.

When you are ready to sell your home it is best to put it in a more neutral zone.shutterstock_160071077Here are some things you may want to change:

1. Bold Colors
While you were living at your home the bold colors you picked may have expressed energy and a pop of attention from room to room. Buyers will want to see a clean palette of neutral colors such as off whites, beige and gray hues. Something important to keep in mind is keeping consistent throughout the house.

2. Converted Rooms
Has the spare bedroom been turned into a craft/play/office area? While this has worked for your stay, it may not suit a potential buyer. Make sure that you can easily turn this room back into a bedroom as it will increase the value of your home.

3. Wallpaper
Ah wallpaper. The divider of all homeowners. It is making a comeback with fun prints as an accent wall or sometimes the whole room. The downside for any potential home buyer is the time and effort to remove the wallpaper and start fresh. Consider taking it down before selling your home and replace with a fresh coat of neutral paint for broader appeal.

4. Garish Gold
Fixtures are always a fun part of spicing up your home aesthetically; however a buyer may feel like they have stepped in the 90’s with all gold or metallic fixtures. Consider switching them out to a brushed nickel for an understated classic feel. Remember: understated and subtle will last the test of time.

5. Carpeting Overhaul
Many of us love carpeting in the bedroom or living room but not everyone appreciates carpet in the kitchen, bathrooms, entryway, laundry room etc. If your home is wall-to-wall carpeting, look into removing some of it from obvious areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Many people see carpets as a trap for germs and dirt, and they don’t want to have to remove it themselves.

While changing your home to fit a new buyer may be a somber feeling, knowing that they will be able to start with a fresh palette to create their own memories should be a warm-hearted pleasure and help decrease your selling time while increasing the price!

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