Start the Year Off Right With a Back to School Routine

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With this school year looking a little different than years past, it is important to provide your child with a structure to learn. A back to school routine can teach them how to set priorities, meet deadlines, develop self-care habits and become more independent. Here are some tips to help you set your child up for success.

Consistency is key

Setting the alarm for the same time every day and maintaining a regular morning routine will help everyone in the family feel more “normal” this school year. Get children excited about washing up and picking out an outfit that makes them feel confident to take on the day. Starting each morning with a  nutritious breakfast will give children the brain power they need to have a productive day of learning.

Create a Calendar

It may sound simple, but a visual representation of your day-to-day happenings will help the entire family stay on schedule. This will be especially helpful for those children who are splitting their learning between virtual and in-person. For younger children, a large calendar that they can help maintain is a great way to prepare them for what their upcoming days look like. 

Designate an At-Home Work Station

Whether your child is learning from home full-time, or they just need a quiet space to do homework, having a designated area in your home for them will be very beneficial. Letting your child assist in picking the spot, gathering supplies and adding a few personal touches will give them a sense of pride and ownership of their learning space. 

Work Hard and Play Hard

With social distancing in place, there are less opportunities for children to be active and engage in normal play. Make sure everyone is taking necessary breaks throughout the day to get up and move their bodies. A 10-minute break for some physical activity can stimulate the brain and help your child re-focus on their learning.

A good back to school routine will help you feel less overwhelmed, and create more opportunities for what’s really important – enjoying your time together as a family.  Shorewest, REALTORS® is wishing you a happy, healthy and successful school year! 

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