Seven Spring Staging Tips to Make a Positive First Impression!

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When a potential buyer views your home online or sees it in person for the first time, this creates a lasting first impression that hopefully will leave a positive experience. To make sure a potential buyer will want a second look, here are seven tips to help stage your home!

Facebook Share Image 03_25.21. We start off our spring staging with some good old-fashioned spring cleaning! You will want your home to feel light, airy and spacious. This does not mean that everything that is sitting out can be stuffed into a closet! Neat and organized spaces will speak highly to your potential buyer and will give the impression of more space in your home. Take this opportunity to go through your things and fill up boxes and bags that you can take to your local donation center!

2. Next look at your floor and walls. Winter is not kind to our floors and after constant exposure to snow, dirt and scuffed boots, they could use a little TLC! It’s time to break out the carpet cleaner and deep clean for a brighter looking carpet. Don’t forget to buff worn spots on wood floors with a little polyurethane. A bucket of warm water with some mild soap and a sponge will tackle most wall marks sufficiently. For added cleaning power, use an eraser-style cleaning pad.

3. Time to swap out dark and cozy for bright and cheery! Switch out your cozy winter blankets, throws and dark-colored accessories. Bring the light airiness of spring into your home with bright shawl throws, floral pillows and bright table runners or placemats for your tables. Inexpensive pops of color can help brighten a room from towels and washcloths, throw pillows and candles in calming lavender, yellow, sage green or pale blues.

4. Bring in the natural light. Nothing says spring like a sun-drenched room! Make sure to pull back curtains, raise blinds and tie drapes back for an instant mood lifter. Rainy spring day? Turn on the lights before a showing!

5. Appeal to their sense of smell with spring-like aromas! In winter we are all for baking cookies or leaving a pot of apple cider simmering on the stove for a homey smell. In spring it’s time to try a scent that will evoke fresh and clean feelings. Cotton, sand, beach or aromatherapy diffusers all can help convey a spring-time feel to your home.

6. Bring spring life inside! When you think of spring, a natural image that comes to mind is flowers, gardens and new plant life. Why not conjure those same bright, fresh images in your home? Lush flowers from the market can bring a whole new life to any room in your house!

7. Spruce up your front and back entrances. A home’s first impression is of the outside; let’s make sure it is a good one! Take down your circular wreath which is reminiscent of holidays past. Instead create a new spring-themed welcome sign and update with a cheery welcome mat! Don’t forget the back door as your potential buyers may head outside to see your backyard. Keep the same cheery feeling with potted plants on a deck or table to add color!

As always contact your Shorewest, REALTOR® for any home staging advice. They are professionals when it comes to how a home should be a blank canvas for your potential buyers. Follow these simple steps to create an inviting space your potential buyers can’t live without!

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