Shorewest Shares: Why You Should Never For Sale By Owner

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You may think you can sell your home by yourself. You have put in the renovations, up-dated fixtures and appliances and you just installed a new furnace. However, in the long run, trying to sell your home yourself is going to cost you more money than you think.  Here’s why:

  • By law, you are required to provide documentation and disclosures, and if you fail to do so, you could end up in litigation. When you list your home with a Shorewest Professional, they provide you with the correct paperwork and manage the transaction from start to finish.
  • Since most people work a day job, you have to be available on nights and weekends to show your property. A Shorewest Professional is able to show your property to potential buyers, allowing your schedule to remain unchanged.
  • Trying to sell your house by yourself can be very costly from an advertising end. How are potential buyers going to view your house? When you list with Shorewest, your house is featured on Shorewest TV, as a Guided Home Tour™ on, your house receives its own page on and that highly visible yard sign.
  • It may be hard to negotiate an offer when it comes through. With a Shorewest Professional helping you, they will do all the communication, working on your half to negotiate the best offer possible.
  • Sellers who list their home with a Shorewest Professional average 20% more money on the sale of their home then when they list it for sale by owner.
  • When you’re ready to sell your home, or have tried to sell it yourself, contact a Shorewest Professional today!

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